If the lighting in your home or place of work hasn’t been upgraded in a while, then it may be high time to consider modern lighting options. On this page, we are going to talk a little bit about modern lighting options, and why they are so important for those that care about energy efficiency.

Why modern lighting?

Energy technology has improved a lot in recent years. This is, in part, down to the massive push companies are making to ensure that they are as green as possible. While technology is still a long way from where it needs to be, we are seeing huge leaps in lighting technology each year.

Modern lighting has been designed to be energy efficient. It has also been designed to last longer. This means that if you upgrade to modern lighting, you will be enjoying lower costs on your energy bills, while also saving money as you will need to be replacing the light bulbs far less frequently.

LED Lighting

If you want the most energy-efficient lighting, then go down the route of LED. LED lighting has several benefits:

  • It is brighter. In fact, it is often 5-6x brighter than traditional lightbulbs. This means you will need fewer of them to light up a room.
  • It is far more energy efficient. This means despite being brighter, it costs less to run them.
  • They last longer than traditional lightbulbs. In fact, a quality LED light could easily last over a decade!

If you can, you should always try to ensure that you have LED lights installed in your business or at your home. Most LED lights should be interchangeable with traditional lightbulbs, so it shouldn’t be that difficult to get them installed. Yes. They are going to cost a little bit more than traditional lightbulbs, but you will be saving a lot more money in the long-term if you go down the route of LED lighting.

Light bulbs

Solar Lighting

If your lights are outdoors, then you may want to invest in some solar lighting instead. This means that you won’t be paying a single cent to run the solar lights. Instead, everything will run off a small solar panel. Some solar lights will have panels on each individual light, while others may have a central system that everything is connected up to.

You should probably bear in mind that solar lights are not going to be as bright as normal LED lights or other light bulbs. Although, this can be rectified. If you have a proper solar panel, you can always connect that up to outdoor LED lights. This is great if brightness rather than aesthetics is more important to you. If you use lights outdoors, always make sure that they are rated for outdoor use. You don’t want the rain to destroy them, right?

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Why Go Energy Efficient?

You probably do not need us to tell you that there is a lot of news nowadays about climate change. Part of the reason as to why climate change exists is due to energy consumption. It is far too high. If we can bring it down a little bit, then it will really be benefiting the planet, and helping future generations. Sure. Your typical household switching to more energy-efficient lighting is probably not going to have that much of an impact on the planet, but if everybody starts to switch to it, then the world will be far better off.

Even if you put the ‘climate change’ issues to one side, there are financial savings too. Studies have shown that those that switch to modern lighting tend to have lower energy bills. Sure, you do have to remember that modern lighting is a bit more expensive than standard lighting, but you will probably make back all that money you spent within a year or two based upon the savings to your energy bills.

Of course, switching to energy efficient modern lighting is probably going to mean far less stress for you too. After all, you do not need to worry about constantly replacing lightbulbs, or keeping a stash of them ‘just in case’, which is always nice. Probably not the main reason why people switch to modern lighting, but still a benefit.

Finally: if you make your entire home far more energy-efficient, then you may find that it is worth more if you try to sell it. Although, do bear in mind that it is probably going to require a bit more than a lighting upgrade here.

General Hints and Tips on Light Efficiency

Before we dive into a few ideas for improving light efficiency in your home or commercial property, we do want to give you a few general tips on light efficiency. First and foremost: LED lighting is almost always going to be the way to go for your interiors. You can have this hooked up to a solar panel system if you want, but always use LED lighting. You should always try to ensure that you purchase the best LED bulbs that you can afford. Yes. They are going to be more expensive, but they are also going to be a lot more energy efficient, and they are going to be lasting a whole lot longer.

If you really want to be efficient with your lighting, particularly with a commercial business, then you may want to invest in a motion-sensing system. This means that the lights will turn on whenever they detect movement, and if somebody leaves the room, they will switch off. Although, we only really recommend that you use a system like this with lower powered lights (i.e. LED or halogen). This is because there will be a small electricity surge whenever they are turned on. If people are leaving the room almost constantly, then do not use motion-sensing. The lights almost constantly being turned on and off will not really give any energy savings.

Finally: if you want to reach peak energy efficiency, then talk to an electrician. They will be able to provide recommendations, and maybe even tinker with your system a little bit. Those who are really concerned about their energy usage may even want to have a solar panel providing some energy to their main electrical system. Only an electrician can do this. Please do not attempt it yourself!