How People Become Successful Air Conditioning Contractors

When it comes time to decide on air conditioning contractors, it is important to take a number of factors into consideration. One of the most important aspects to consider is whether or not they are adequately trained in order to perform the tasks required. It is also required by law for air conditioning contractors who repair, install, repair, maintain, and repair cooling, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigerator systems to acquire professional training in the areas of those fields. All states set up specific qualifications for contractor licensing, but all mandate that air conditioning contractors first pass a licensing examination following by earning the appropriate working experience. This requirement is meant to prevent inexperienced applicants from posing a risk to both the homeowner and the HVAC system.

Air conditioning contractors

Key Considerations

Another important factor to consider is whether or not those being considered are properly licensed. Each state has its own unique set of licensing requirements, which typically include at least a bachelor’s degree and completion of an accredited work experience program in the area of the intended work. While it may not be necessary for air conditioning contractors with less than five years of work experience to hold professional certification, it is usually a good idea for those seeking a position with far more experience to do so. Some states also require air conditioning contractors to obtain commercial building licenses in order to work in residential buildings, though those licenses do not typically carry the same weight as the ones issued by professional standards bodies.


When interviewing potential air conditioning contractors, it is important to ask not only about their work experience but also about any formal training they have received. Most states require that air conditioning contractors receive formal training or certificate programs in order to operate in that particular state. While some states have no specific requirement for formal training, most require at least a diploma from a vocational school or trade school. Those pursuing formal training programs to become certified air conditioning contractors can also apply to become certified through the National Air Conditioning Contractors Association, which is the largest professional association in the United States.

Expanding Skills

Although most states require formal training or certification for air-conditioning contractors, there are some air conditioning contractors who are able to get by with only a high school diploma or GED. In these circumstances, many employers will accept a short stint working as a weekend laborer or as a part-time customer service representative at a local appliance retailer. Typically, these air conditioning technicians will spend two years studying to earn their certificate, although this time does not need to be spent studying towards a professional degree. Instead, those who have a higher education level can pursue advanced studies or take courses to help them get into the job market.


Many people who work toward a career in the refrigeration field often focus on getting employed with companies that employ air conditioning contractors. There are two reasons why this can prove to be a successful tip. First of all, the number of companies that hire in this industry is quite large. This means that the competition is intense and can be quite fierce. Secondly, since those who are employed with these contractors are usually highly qualified individuals, it is quite unlikely that anyone will beat them out of a job.

Becoming Established

If you are currently employed in the field and want to take advantage of the second option for becoming successful air conditioning contractors, you will likely need to complete either an associate’s degree or certification. An associate’s degree will generally take two years to complete, whereas a professional certification will usually take a year and a half. However, there are several different certifications available, so this particular success tip can apply to a person looking at different certification paths. Either way, the majority of your potential employers will require that you have some sort of certification before they will give you the chance to bid for a job.

Air conditioning contractors