The Benefits Of Installing LED Lighting

Reduces Carbon Emissions

LED lighting has been shown to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 90%. These lighting solutions have a lifespan of 20 times longer than traditional lighting, resulting in lower annual electricity and energy costs. LEDs are also more efficient when it comes to consuming energy, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

Improves Performance

According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, LED lighting improves worker productivity and cognitive function. Researchers found that the light improved workers’ performance by 8.3 percent in visual tasks. It also decreased worker fatigue and increased activity. Furthermore, LEDs reduce the need for overhead lighting and reduce the number of lighting fixtures in a facility.


If you’re looking for new LED lighting, there are many options available to you. First of all, you can recycle the bulbs by sending them to a recycling depot. There are thousands of local recycling centres that accept LEDs. You can also look up a local recycling program on the Internet.

Reduces Stress

A new study has found that LED lighting can reduce stress. Researchers looked at the effects of different colors of LEDs on workers’ response to stress. The participants of the study were 16 office workers. They performed a flower arrangement activity in rooms that were lit with different colors. In a room that was dark, no FA was performed. Before the participants performed the FA activity, they were measured for their heart rate variability. This measure is composed of three components: the standard deviation of the normal-normal interval, the total power, and the ratio of low frequency to high frequency.