Tilers in Glasgow Helped Our Projects

We recently worked with a series of UK based tilers that helped us showcase some amazing new lighting that we were working on. We enlisted the help of tilers in Glasgow to build us incredible backdrops for lighting solutions that were designed for the modern age. We wanted to push the boundaries of modern lights in bathrooms and kitchens, where light is often a big factor in the mood of the room.

Our tiling team selected a special type of tile that is designed to be fitted to a wall or other flat surface with the help of a special joint that also integrates wiring options into the finish. An example of what our tilers in Glasgow came up with for a space age bathroom in London can be seen below:

tilers in glasgow


Modern tiles are made with advanced technology and are durable. Earlier tilers were difficult to install and had to be done by experts. As time went by, specialized tilers with better designs, features, and performance were introduced. Today, tiling companies produce various types of tilers according to the needs of different clientele.

The Tiling Revolution

Earlier the tiling process called staining, included using black grout on the surface of the tiles to make them look darker. As time wore on, the use of black grout gave way to colored grout and finally to clear grout. While tiling old buildings, it was observed that the color changed over time due to the oxidation of iron deposits growing on the tiles. This factor made it necessary to come up with non-colored grout. With this solution, tiling contractors and building owners can use a uniformed look on all the interiors of the building.

For an interior or exterior tiling job, a tiler package comprises of many different tile materials that can be selected according to the application and the tiling job requirements. Some popular varieties of tiles available in the market include ceramic, cement, and marble. These tiles can be selected as per the requirements of the project. Depending upon the entry requirements and design patterns, the type of tiler to be used is also decided.


Our Tips For Finding Good Tilers

When dealing with the selection of a tile fitting company, you may ask the contractor for suggestions regarding the specification of the tiling and for suggestions regarding tilers to be used. The general guideline to be followed while installing tiling is the use of standard tile joints. Even if jointing techniques are different, the basic principle remains the same.

The main purpose of the tilers is to add a smooth surface to the floor. The tiling surface after installation of the tilers should be smoothed out by the use of a blade to create a textured surface. Ideally, the floor should have a uniform color throughout; however, depending upon the entry requirements, the color of the floor may vary. Floor tiles provide an attractive and long lasting finish to the interiors of any building.