Ideas for Commercial Light Efficiency

If you are trying to light up a commercial building, then you will probably have the same requirements as those that are looking to light up their home. This means that you will probably want to go down the route of LED lights wherever possible. There are some businesses that may benefit from halogen lights as they are a little bit cheaper, but you should probably remember that they will be nowhere near as energy efficient.

The problem with lighting up a commercial building with LED lighting is the fact that they tend to be a bit more expensive. The number of lights most commercial buildings require will be quite high, and that means that you are going to need to be picking up several LED light bulbs. However, do bear in mind that over time, you will be saving a lot more money!

One way that people tend to save a bit of cash here is to not have everything be LED. For the parts of your business where the lights are on the majority of the time, then LED is the way to go. However, if a part of your business doesn’t get used that much e.g. the storerooms, then it may be worth just sticking normal lightbulbs in there. You just need to ensure that you turn them off whenever you leave the room otherwise you will not be saving that much in the way of money. As we mentioned previously; motion sensors are probably going to go a long way towards helping here.

We can’t imagine that you will be able to run your entire business on solar power. However, even if you have a few solar panels feeding into your electrical system, you will be able to save a small amount of money. Every little help, right?

One area where we suggest that you try and use solar lighting (if possible) would be outside of your business. Since it is likely that the exterior lights are going to be turned on, even when your business is closed, then utilizing solar power should go a long way. You do not need a complicated set-up here. One or two decent solar panels will help to power even the brightest of lights!

Thankfully, converting your business to using LED lights shouldn’t be all that difficult. Most light bulb holders will allow you to insert LED bulbs right off the bat. However, if you cannot do that with your current lighting system, then it may be worth talking to an electrician who will be more than happy to help you out!


If you want to save money, plus do your bit for the environment, then you should invest in modern lighting. While the cost of upgrading can be a little bit high, with the right set-up, you will be able to save a lot more money overtime. Plus, you will be able to enjoy the fact that you are being ‘green’.