How to Identify Bad Backlinks

You might be figuring out why there is a dip in the statistics of your viewership? There is no doubt that you have done everything perfectly by optimizing your content with suitable keywords and valuable information.

But unfortunately, you have made a mistake while adding backlinks to your content! As a result, there are chances of toxic backlinks, which has led to the decrease in your web page traffic! In this case, you need to identify those bad backlinks on your page!

Now the point of concern is backlink removal which is hurting your rank. Do you know the process of backlink removal? If not, then there is nothing to worry about, as this post will cover all the details regarding the process!

What is a Bad Backlink?

Before you learn the backlink removal process, you need to know what a toxic backlink is and how it intoxicates your ranking in the eye of the search engine!

Bad backlinks are those unnecessary links that don’t have any authority or authenticity regarding the topic—these irrelevant links break the bridge between the reader and the site. As a result, the visitor finds the site irrelevant and considers it a misleading source.

A search engine like google keeps an eye on the traffic activity and the website as well. In addition, there is a team designated to analyse the quality of the backlinks on the website.

If the audit teams detect any toxic backlink, it can be a severe threat to your webpage! As a result, your website may get penalized or may be pushed to lower-ranked pages.

The only way to reach the top is by backlink removal of toxic webpages and inserting highly quality authentic links in their place.

Steps of Backlink Removal

The wait is over, and here are the basic steps that can facilitate you in raising your level in search engine results. So, hang on tight as we jump into the steps to remove backlinks from your website!

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1.      Gathering your information regarding backlinks

Embedding the backlinks in your webpage is necessary for ranking. When it comes to the negative marking of your page, you need to make a list of all those links. If you are not using any software then you have to dob this hard job by your own.

Following are the examples of bad backlinks that can help you in identification:

  •         Blogger Comments
  •         Similar anchor text
  •         Sitewide links
  •         Directory Links
  •         Fake profiles
  •         Linked Pages


2.      Steps of Backlink Removal

As mentioned above, you have to mark the red flags harmful to your ranking. Thank God that identifying toxic backlinks is not a big deal nowadays, as different tools are available for the job.

3.      Remove the backlink

Although different software can do the job of detection, the eradication process is a handy job! First, you have to remove the link manually from your page.

4.      Monitoring the graph

Once you have successfully done the job of backlink removal from your page, it’s time to monitor the graph and activity on your site. Again, you will see a surge in viewership with a jump in your ranking in search engine results.


It is a major upset for a search engine optimizer who has done the job with his heart and soul but cannot grab the public’s attention and search engine.

If you feel that it is pretty tricky for you to remove the harmful backlinks, and you want the job done efficiently you can seek any professional link removal service provider for this job.